Association of Shape Memory Alloys
Koichi Tsuchiya

Titanium nickel, the most renowned shape memory alloys (SMAs), which was discovered by the U.S. Naval Ordinance Laboratory, entered into an extensive research and development phase in the 1970s and has now become an indispensable material for medical devices. Since then, new SMA alloys including ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, Ti-based alloys and Mg-based alloys have been discovered. More recently, Cu-based and Fe-based SMAs have been successfully brought into practical use.

The Association of Shape Memory Alloy (ASMA) originally started as the SMA Technology Research Association, which was established in 1983. ASMA itself was launched in 1993 and has been actively engaged in various activities targeting the proliferation of shape memory and superelastic alloys. ASMA offers an interdisciplinary forum where researchers and engineers from materials suppliers, users and academia meet. It is our goal to facilitate the emergence of new applications and new usage of shape memory and superelastic alloys through these activities.